Former Serving programme

Proudly supporting former serving members of HM Forces

*Update July 2019: no timeframe from 'last served' date.*

At Hendy Land Rover Military Sales, we are delighted to announce that, for the first time, we are offering ex-military personnel the same opportunity as serving members. So, if you have served in the military, simply get in contact and see the additional savings available.

How to order:

Here's what you need to know for when you order your new car - there are different steps to follow depending on which country you're currently based in, so please make sure you're following the right process. Please note that delivery times can vary as this is dependent on the model, location and whether you have ordered optional extras.

UK-based customers:

Former Serving customers based in the United Kingdom will need to supply the following:

Military export and tax-free

Military export/tax-free former serving customers are required to supply the following:

All of the above must be sent to Hendy Land Rover Military Sales to process the order.